Heartless Bastards – All This Time

‘All This Time’ is the title track from Heartless Bastards second LP released last August. And a pretty remarkable record it is too. Not only for Erika Wennerstorm’s remarkable vocals (up there with Harvey, O’Connor, Joplin, Gudmundsdottir) but also the rich tapestry of sound supplied by Wennerstorm’s own guitars and her pulsing rhythm section. ‘All This Time’ much like its album cousins is punchy, stately and about as pristine as indie rock gets. Wennerstorm has passion to burn and a soundtrack to bottle it. The chords are all pervading with incendiary riffs that could levitate a fat possum from its store of forest floor delicacies. ‘All This Time’ is the Ohio trio’s sophomore album and is an essential piece of the jigsaw that is your perfect music collection. KD

Heartless Bastards – All This Time

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Buy Album: [UK] All This Time [US] All This Time
Year: 2006

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