SuperJimenez – Helicopters

It all started in Galway so it seems sorta appropriate that SuperJimenez should find their drummer in Supermacs (not sure if he was sucking a drumstick pulled from a snackbox at the time though). From such unlikely sources has sprung an indie sensation capable of producing springy numbers like ‘Helicopters’. The song dented the Irish charts (which ain’t much of an achievement in itself as a single copy bought by family members could achieve this), unfortunately it didn’t do enough damage to wake the Irish record buying public from its slumber. ‘Helicopters’ is one of those songs that appears on indie compilations the world over, you’ll pick it out immediately, you may even throw some cutlery in the air with delight. If SuperJimenez can reproduce this sort of form a couple of dozen times then we could have a very special prospect indeed, at least until Tim Wheeler rediscovers his mojo anyway. With the bands second single ‘Beau’ about to be released you better watch out for flying desert spoons. KD

SuperJimenez – Helicopters

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Year: 2006

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