Tap Tap – Way To Go, Boy

Wherein Thomas Sanders takes several hints from across the water to compose his version of what Clap Your Hands Say Yeah might sound like if tumble dryered with Beirut. What comes out in the wash (I love me confused metaphors) is a lively quilt where all the colours have run and established a completely new hue (don’t cry) altogether. ‘Way To Go, Boy’ is utterly daft, yet instantly huggable. Try it out on your wedding guests after the Abba medley fails to ignite their inner Travolta. This is a kick in the Baltics (musical at least) without the attendant stomach cramps. Sanders is from Reading, hardly a hotbed of musical activity but then again the town has proven of late that it has plenty of balls (and premier ones at that). Enough of all this scrotum talk, Tap Tap’s debut ‘Lanzafame’ is out now on Stolen Records (!). KD

Tap Tap – Way To Go, Boy

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Lanzafame and/or Lanzafame
Year: 2006

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