The Field – Over The Ice

To round off this hat-trick of deepest electronica here is Sweden’s latest addition to the digital revolution. The Field (Axel Willner, who has his hand in other ambient projects such as Lars Blek, Cordouan and porte) has created a hypnotic piece of liquid audio with ‘Over The Ice’. It could have turned into something altogether more predictable, a sort of late nineties trance pastiche, but the endless reinvention ensures that this is IDM in the truest sense. And Willner has also avoided using the ubiquitous female vocal, instead splicing a microsecond of noise from what could be anything from an android to a gurgling newborn baby. The effect is mesmerising, life affirming even and at just sub 7 minutes speeds by with the efficiency of injury time when your team is one goal down. Legs were invented for music like this. KD

The Field – Over The Ice

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy The EP: Sun & Ice
Year: 2006

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