Top – She's Got All The World

Not even the normally reliable Wikipedia can reveal anything new about this UK band. Just when you think the internet has got it all you go and rediscover an early nineties band who have even been forgotten by the biggest open database the world has ever known. I can remember recording this fabulous song from the radio to tape in early 1991 (slim times kids, but somehow we treasured the music we had even more) and constantly replaying it until the tape spooled and snapped. Top were Alan Wills, Joe Fearon and Paul Cavanagh and were the proud recipients of a Peel session exactly 16 years yesterday. Their one and only album ‘Emotion Lotion’ was released the same year and still sounds like the perfect accompaniment to (fellow scousers) the La’s eponymous debut. ‘She’s Got All The World’ may initially seem a tad formulaic but Cavanagh continually summons a wealth of vocal inventiveness to bathe your tired ears in. KD

Top – She’s Got All The World

Watch The Video To Number One Denomiator

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Buy Album: [UK] Emotion Lotion [US] Emotion Lotion
Year: 1991

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  1. Anonymous
    March 6, 2009

    Alan Wills is the founder of Deltasonic Records, home of The Coral and The Zutons, and Joe Fearon is a producer for them.

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