22 – I'm Glad I'm Not You

It’s kinda of reassuring to note that Ireland has started to expand its portfolio of breaking acts. No longer the preserve of the acoustic warbler or the straight ahead indie rock band there are signs that a vibrant scene is emerging away from traditional sources. Electronica is well served by the Electric Penguins and Schroedersound while 8 Ball and 22 from Limerick are throwing some nice experimental shapes. ‘The Cultural Coupon’ was 22’s debut release flagging a plethora of influences and a refusal to stand still. ‘I’m Glad I’m Not You’ is a warped tune that resolutely avoids cliché while still attaching fine jangling riffs, creeping basslines, fly buzzing organs and a vocal drenched in enough electricity to power a non energy saving lightbulb for a decade (there are some pleasant ‘An Cat Dubh’ nods too). While 22 seem to be on temporary hiatus one can only surmise that somewhere on this planet they are cooking up a tasty jamboree aimed at opening the eyes of people who think chasing cars is edgy. KD

22 – I’m Glad I’m Not You

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: The Cultural Coupon
Year: 2006

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