Bib – I Wanna Be A Better

It’ll play a few times before you realise it’s been in your head before. Bib the self confessed future of music with no future are from London and could do a smashing job supporting Klaxons on their next all conquering tour. The Bib (up there with the worst names in the history of music, infantile really) story is an altogether fascinating one if it’s actually the truth. Two suspected layabouts used to drink in the same pub as a freshly off the wagon George Best. Noting that both had similar musical tastes Best suggested they form a band. They took his advice and Bib was born. Thus far they have released 2 singles on different labels (Big Billy and Adult Baby (!)) and put out ‘I Wanna Be A Better’ as a free download on their website. Synth heavy Depeche Mode obviously makes its presence known but the soft twee vocals lend the song a fascinating sub plot. I Just Can’t Get Enough (of this). KD

Bib – I Wanna Be A Better

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Bib’s: Tear Up The Streets
Year: 2006

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  1. wkane
    January 20, 2008

    Just ran across a very cool song put out by Bill Spooner, formerly of The Tubes (thought they all died years ago!!)… a very interesting ‘protest’ song with an international perspective.. found it on his site ( where I was directed to his MySpace site)… called Where Borders Bleed… all about imperialism and wars for money and oil. First song I have heard by an American that has a GLOBAL perspective, instead of the other nonsense I hear from guys like Kris Kristoferson and Neil Young… listen to, would be interested to see what ya think…

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