Brakes – Mobile Communication

Two albums down and Brakes remain a musical spectre scaring wandering ears with their flighty punk infested melodies. ‘Give Blood’ was a huge surprise, full of funny asides and microscopic songs that barely existed long enough to register. Album number two has seen Eamon Hamilton leave his British Sea Power counterparts behind permanently to concentrate on the good ship Brakes. As ever there are also Electric Soft Parade and Tenderfoot parties on hand to dish out gorgeous packages of the scattershot kind. That said ‘The Beatific Visions’ has a softer edge than its predecessor, though the chuckle element remains through Hamilton’s wonderfully realised car crash yelp. They’ve also included a companion piece to ‘You’re So Pretty’ from the first album. This time its ‘Mobile Communication’ that sweeps aside the madcap adventures and plays the sugar coated angle which Brakes have stashed away for future glories. And what a wonderfully realised piece it is, countrified swirls flourish (the album was recorded in ‘Nashville’) while the vocals are delivered so elegantly it’s a wonder they found a chemist with such a large stock of Prozac. A special band. KD

Brakes – Mobile Communication

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Buy Album: [UK] The Beatific Visions [US] Beatific Visions
Year: 2006

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