Manic – Chemicals For Criminals

I’m going on a limb here but I can’t help feeling that this band could one day become the biggest band in the world. Outlandish you might say but you haven’t just spent a great deal of your evening falling head over heals in love with an EP called ‘Floor Boards’. Ok, some context. Manic come from LA and have had in the past the self-confidence to knock back the burgeoning Suretone label (they eventually succumbed) because they felt they weren’t ready to give it their all. The EP is epic in nature, conjuring favourable nods to several Grunge giants, Radiohead and the Trail of Dead. The lead track ‘Chemical For Criminals’ is instantly striking with ravagingly memorable riffs and Paul Gross’s vocal swirls. The video that backs it up just builds on the mystique, revealing little but at the same time stoking the imagination. ‘Chemical For Criminals’ has competition for best track with ‘In A Room On Fire’ with its Halloweenesque piano tinkle and psychotic utterances that pleasingly go on to reveal a warm psyche. This will be firing up mosh pits in indie clubs the world over for years to come. KD

Manic – Chemicals For Criminals

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy EP: [UK] Floor Boards [US] Floor Boards
Year: 2007

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