Mental Cube – Q

As inventive as the gadget king of the same name ‘Q’ came courtesy of one of Future Sound of London’s many guises Mental Cube. Given its age it’s remarkable that ‘Q’ doesn’t exist purely as a period piece. The tune must have seemed futuristic back in 1990, yet even in 2007 it remains cutting edge. Surprising it is, considering the dynamics are drawn from the base materials of most electronic journeys. The central beat is primeval, almost ‘Positive Education’ in its nature and the drum beats are hardly revolutionary. What makes this a great record though is the spectral additions, drifting ice caps grafted from solid banks of synths and the dainty shudderings that flit in and out of earshot. This is music to immerse oneself in, psychedelia for humanoids that have to get up for work the next morning. KD

Mental Cube – Q

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy FSOL’s: [UK] Lifeforms [US] Lifeforms
Year: 1994

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