8Ball – The Whoop Whoop Song

A riff played backwards the likes of which you’d only find on a Stone Roses debut, a vocal that could have just crept off the tape for the Orb’s ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ and an atmosphere that David Lynch craved for his head wrecking ‘Twin Peaks’ drama. Yep, ‘Fear of Flying’ ain’t your average piece of electronica but it is in good company on 8Ball’s (or 8 Ball depending on your mood) debut. The notably reticent band of seven are an unusual yet thrilling live prospect, putting the long lost performance back into live music. ‘The Whoop Whoop Song’ probably could win title of the year but the magic doesn’t end there because the tune behind the headline is as wanderly as a puppet propelled wagon. Anything goes, ideas appear and are replaced like a juggernaut Death in Vegas or a Clinic were they to focus on what made them special. This pots the black after several nifty side cushions and a elaborate swerve. KD

8Ball – The Whoop Whoop Song

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Year: 2005

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