Beach House – Master Of None

It might start out like the sound of a tin man’s heartbeat but ‘Master of None’ is as charming and soothing as a comfort blanket. Victoria Legrand sings with the aloofness and superiority that you’d expect from someone with a name like that. The music for its part is surreptitious sounding like it could be coming from behind the dusty bookcase in a monstrous haunted old castle. But, unless you are an infant or scared of the dark you’ll likely be transfixed by this Beach House piece. Beach House are a duo from Baltimore and ‘Master of None’ is taken from their self-titled debut from late last year. It is a languid stroll of an album, a perfect treat for drowsiness and the aural equivalent of the gentle pirouette of a falling snowflake. KD

Beach House – Master Of None

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Year: 2006

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