Et Ret – The First Day

Gentle electronica sweeping gently to the sea. Et Ret’s background may be in folk but his 2006 debut ‘Gasworks’ swapped the beardism’s for more artificial sonic indulgences. The effect was breathtaking as strings and computer derived noises created a wallowing, mind-bending swirl of passivity. You could imagine ‘The First Day’ becoming the dentists preferred form of sedation as patients gently slip into a state of consciousness that is impervious to pain. This is perfect background audio for savvy beanbag emporiums, a soft Trundle bed commercial or the zenith for Mothercare’s launch of their autumn/winter range. James Angelos is the craftsman, time to become putty in his hands. KD

Et Ret – The First Day

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [US] Gasworks [UK] Gasworks
Year: 2006

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