Liquid – Time To Get Up

Although better known for ‘Sweet Harmony’ Liquid will always be high in my affections due to this infectious piece of retro artistry. The tune is perfectly of its time, an addictive synth so reminiscent of the old skool manoeuvres of yore. And looking back despite the truckloads of nasties being consumed there was a certain innocence to it all. Illegal dances, don’t be holding big happy gatherings in the middle of the country m’laddy, you might scare those four-legged bovine who have a different sort of grass on their minds. I never really got into it myself being the spotty indie kid that I was but in the late 80’s/early 90’s rave was so ubiquitos it was hard not be affected by its energy. Whether the hardcore remember is another thing altogether. KD

Liquid – Time To Get Up

Watch The Video To Sweet Harmony & other Rave Classics

More Info: Liquid Myspace & The History of Rave
Buy Album: [UK] Original Rave Anthems [US] Original Rave Anthems
Year: 1993

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