Moonbabies – Ghost of Love

God knows the OC doesn’t have it all its own way. Grey’s Anatomy is also pushing the indie bandwagon into sitting rooms that would otherwise have never experienced sounds from outside out of the top ten. Sweden’s Carina Johansson and Ola Frick are probably beside themselves because the splendiferous chorus inside ‘War On Sound’ has had many a eye trained on their back catalogue. So much so that the song is getting the full single treatment this very month. It will also appear on Moonbabies 3rd album ‘Moonbabies At The Ballroom’. ‘Ghost of Love’ came out at the same time as ‘War on Sound’s first incarnation on the mini-album (hmmm) of the same name in 2005. And what a bouncy electro thrill it is too, like a cross-bred M83/Stereolab terrier that could fetch elegantly wasted synths for hours on end and still sport a wagging tail at the end. KD

Moonbabies – Ghost of Love

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] War on Sound [Us Import] [US] War on Sound
Year: 2005

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