Northstation – The Long Walk Home

Wow, what is this and who is Steve Fanagan (and why did he drop an L?)? A record producer it seems with a penchant for recording electronic albums of his own. Dublin is starting to get an electronic foothold with distinguished albums of the non-guitar variety (Electric Penguins anyone?) appearing from the woodwork. Fanagan’s Northstation project flourished last year with the ‘Wagtail’ LP. And you could imagine Donal Dineen getting stuck into this as a myriad of images flash across a silver screen. Nothing much happens but then the power of this tune is that it triggers the imagination. The more you listen the more hypnotic it gets. This is the sound of the Aphex Twin had he shared a room with Belong during hurricane Katrina. Powerful stuff from the increasingly purposeful Slow Loris label. KD

Northstation – The Long Walk Home

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Year: 2006

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