Prosser – I Met A Girl

Sometime last year I happened upon a song by Ian Love called ‘The Only Night‘. It was bedroom pop at its best with Love’s vocal subtleties caressing the acoustic chord changes wonderfully. I’m getting a similar feeling from listening to Prosser’s ‘I Met A Girl’. Eric Woodruff is the man in charge and his gentle guitar tugs are so soothing you could imagine him atop a grizzly as the creature quietly grazes none the wiser. Woodruff has had previous form with a band called Delay but since they disbanded in 2003 he has been working on his own material. Prosser’s debut album came out last year and Woodruff has added some band mates to promote it on the road. If ‘I Met A Girl’ is anything to go by convenience stores in close proximity to a Prosser gig better stock up on cigarette lighters. KD

Prosser – I Met A Girl

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Prosser [US] Prosser
Year: 2006

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