Red Star Belgrade – Quiet And Terrified

Red Star Belgrade were always one of the best proponents of alt country but for many small reasons they never actually achieved what their music deserved. I remember picking up a CMJ cover mount and instantly being enamoured with the ‘Saddest Girl In The World’. With RSB nothing was ever hurried, why rush things when there’s a mean song to be sung? Bill Curry has a strong vocal that can alternate between mature storyteller and wide eyed spokesman for the world. RSB’s last new material ‘The Real Traitors’ appeared in 2004 and included this perfect track ‘Quiet & Terrified’ (listen to the words and you’ll be the saddest little girl/boy in the world). Although it is a sub 2minuter it has a lavish design, strings fill the air like butterflies in summer while the singer and his wife Graham play vocal hide and seek with each other. Curry’s shoulder injury in 2005 has put paid to new RSG for a while but hopefully it will be a temporary blip in RSB’s (slow) meteoric rise to success. KD

Red Star Belgrade – Quiet And Terrified

More Info: Official
Buy Album: [UK] The Real Traitors [US] Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine
Year: 2004

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