Subplots – Politis

Although recorded under their previous name Envelope ‘Politis’ is a cert for becoming one of Subplot’s standards. And what a breath of fresh of air it is for a Dublin band to forage for such clean melodies without a twisting wreck of guitars in tow or worse still resorting to the tried and detested decent into acoustic melodrama. Subplots are a threesome made up of Phil Boughton, Daryl Chaney and Simon Rand. Boughton’s vocal are immediately interesting, in some way similiar to Guy Garvey’s lonesome twang, although they often reach for notes that the Mancunian would resist. ‘Politis’ is a wave of tumbling noise, the chords are set to jangle as Boughton’s voice weaves and bobs to articulate the sincere emotions. This is off-kilter, an oddball gem that should be sending the shudders down plenty of spines over the next while. KD

Subplots – Politis

More Info: Official & Myspace
Year: 2007

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