The Brilliant Trees – Talent

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The only thing the detractors could throw at them was that lead singer Alan Hoey sounded like Damon Albarn. Shame on them, mud slinging at perhaps the jangliest band this country has ever produced. And if that wasn’t enough they could whip an audience into synchronised football chants to make your hair stand on end. The band have been quiet for several years now and the inevitable last gig ever posters have been appearing around Dublin over the last couple of weeks (the Village, April 7th). While a small band of fans will secretly shed a tear it’ll at least be a chance to relive those uproarious end of millennium gigs. The case for the defence can be easily summed up by this fabulous song from the bands debut ‘Friday Night’. ‘Talent’ ruffled the Irish charts and those who bothered to seek out the album could see that the Brilliant Trees were a sublime prospect. ‘Home’, ‘If You Change’ and ‘Don’t Believe The Right’ are modern day classics and the follow up album ‘Wake Up & Dream’ threw up another handful of gems. See you on the 7th. KD

The Brilliant Trees – Talent

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Year: 2007

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