The Charade – Monday Morning

If you like your indie pop blissed out and about as twee as tweety bird writing romantic poetry to a long lost feathered girlfriend then Sweden’s the Charade will be for you. Ingela Matsson, Magnus Karlsson and Mikael Matsson are from Stockholm although they take their cues from Glasgow’s bunch of fey popsters (and a pinch of Cinerama). Life for the Charade is an uncomplicated task and the soundtrack they choose to colour it will make your tummy warm inside. ‘Monday Morning’ is a pert twee classic, all twinkling piano lines, jangling chords and some neat interactive boy/girl vocals. In the wrong hands it could sound mawkish but the Charade sing like it’s coming from the lining of their souls. And the Charade even gave the indie world a presence at last years’ World Cup writing the song for the Swedish National Team named ‘Dressed in Yellow and Blue’. Close the doors on the outside world, turn on the Charade and dream a little dream. KD

The Charade – Monday Morning

Watch The Video To Dressed in Yellow and Blue

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Year: 2005 & 2006

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