The Frames – Headlong

Listening to Glen Hansard’s witticisms is enough to make you projectile vomit but there is no denying his or his bands genuine credentials. For a golden patch over two magnificent albums ‘For The Birds’ and the live recording ‘Set List’ it felt as if the Frames were about to become something truly treasureable. Since then they’ve dipped markedly but listening to songs like ‘Santa Maria’, ‘Headlong’ or the wonka fused favourite ‘Star Star’ can send shivers down your spine. ‘For The Birds’ could only have come from an Irish band, the sense of longing and despair is beautifully translated. Whenever I listen to it I can’t help but picture scenes from the Great Hunger or the decades of emigration in my head, so strange but it breaks my heart everytime. ‘Headlong’ has that certain something, the playing is subdued but fiercely passionate and the violin parts seal a transfixing 5 minutes. KD

The Frames – Headlong

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Buy Album: [UK] For the Birds [US] For the Birds
Year: 2001

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  1. March 16, 2007

    i heart The Frames. the live show is always so much better than their albums though. hence the success of Setlist I guess.

  2. Anonymous
    March 17, 2007

    Star, Star does give me shivers!Also really really love Lay Me Down.

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