The Harvest Ministers – That Won't Wash

The Harvest Ministers have been in existence for 2 decades. They are the original cult band having had a term with the legendary Sarah Records back in the early nineties. Despite an admirable back catalogue that includes 4 albums Will Merriman and his cohorts have never risen beyond a widely applauding circle of music critics. ‘Tis a shame too because the Harvest Ministers gentle folky tomes are well worth exploring. ‘That Won’t Wash’ is taken from 1996’s ‘A Feeling Mission’ and may remind some of another Irish band called the 4 of Us. There is a celtic air yet the melodies do have a sense of Americana about them. The last Harvest Ministers album ‘My Star Is Shining’ appeared in 2003 from which the pleasant ditty ‘The Warmest Heart’ is taken. Probably about time you let the Harvest Ministers be the object of your affections as they will undoubtedly do your world the world of good. KD

The Harvest Ministers – That Won’t Wash

The Harvest Ministers – The Warmest Heart

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] The Feeling Mission [US] A Feeling Mission
Year: 1996

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