Utah Carol – Ruby

Take this as your introduction to alt country. Unless you’re already smitten with the genre this gentle tune from Chicago’s Utah Carol is an altogether ringing endorsement. ‘Rodeo Queen’ is the boy/girl/husband/wife duo’s third album and pitches them alongside those early Mojave 3 tunes that cowboys like to whistle to. ‘Ruby’ is a perty little thing, subtle and alert to every creative possibility within its own narrow environs. Grant Birkenbeuel and JinJa Davis vocals entwine so wonderfully you could easily miss the inventive background noises. In fact, despite initially sounding straight forward this tune blooms into a fully fledged opus after half a dozen listens. If you’d like more loveliness ‘Rodeo Queen’ is an instantly amiable experience that will remain with you for the longest time. KD

Utah Carol – Ruby

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Year: 2007

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  1. March 31, 2007

    Utah Carol is excellent, I have been listening to their music when I first stumbled upon Wonder Wheel which I think was their debut! The new album is wonderful.

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