Wry – Cancer

A chance meeting in a London hair salon led to Tim Wheeler of Ash producing Sao Paulo band Wry’s third album ‘Flames In The Head’. And Wheeler seems to have done a good job in putting the fizz into the record that recalls his own band when shiny pop tunes were their trademark. Wry sail close to shoegaze territory, which is always a plus in my book but they are not content to hide behind a mass of molten chords either. ‘Cancer’ is a thing of beauty (that’s a first), a racket with a truly melodious heartbeat. As lead singer Mario incrementally ups the ante his band stifle the air with a wondrous pile of white noise. There’s never any doubt about where this song is heading, it is anthemic and shoots skyward like a colourful rocket on NYE. Is there anything catchier than the Wry? KD

Wry – Cancer

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Year: 2006

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