Bellavista – Put It On

An undertow of distant riffs, an irregular maracas, a primal scream for a vocal thrust all add up to a sweltering delight from a trio San Franciscan natives. Rex Shelverton, Jeremy Bringetto and Cary La Scala previously played together as the Vue and the experience has sharpened their artistic senses. ‘Put It On’ is off kilter, an unsteady masterpiece that could topple into a puddle of mess at any time. Of course it doesn’t, instead it remains perfectly low slung throughout. In the process it should flop into the arms of your affections like a drowsy Koala. Bellavista release their debut album through Take Root Records (apt or what) in a couple of weeks, if this is anything to go by it should be a thing of beauty. KD

Bellavista – Put It On

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Year: 2007

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  1. Anonymous
    April 15, 2007

    Greetings from Germany.Handgemachte Musik ist doch immer wieder schön. Und ich dachte schon die Black Keys wären die letzten aufrechten Lo-Fi-Rocker Amerikas. Mehr als ein Echo und ein Fuzz braucht’s nicht.

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