Bonnie and Clyde – Liquid Escapism

Fanny Wijk & Rickard Hallin are Bonnie and Clyde but instead of serving up several dozen rounds of lethal ammunition they prefer to let their languid melodies work their magic on your new band defences. Coming from the center of the indie pop universe Gothenburg is gonna keep you on your toes but B&C have made a good start with their ‘Life Is A Peanut’ EP. They’ve even had this song ‘Liquid Escapism’ remixed by fellow Swede and electronic bandit Little Big Adventure. The song is a piece of scattershot genius as Wijk elegantly skirts around the machine gun drumming (!). ‘Liquid Escapism’ doesn’t divulge itself on the first few listens but you soon realise that the foraging rhythms have a neat purpose and lend the piece a good deal of longevity. Bonnie and Clyde are unsigned but on this form should be soon raiding the coffers of one lucky label in the near future. KD

Bonnie and Clyde – Liquid Escapism

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy EP: Life is a Peanut
Year: 2006

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