[ingenting] – Syster Dyster

Here is [ingenting] or [nothing] if you like your euro lingo to make perfect sense. Seen as they sing completely in Swedish you ain’t gonna find much meaning in the words yet [ingenting] fill their ditties with enough harmonious quality to render the lack of comprehension, well er, meaningless. Syster Dyster is from one of [ingenting]’s earlies EP’s and it is a classic example of the fine of art of peachy melody. The sound of C86 and Sarah Records is well represented leaving the door open for floppy fringes the world over to nod their heads in utter [contentment]. KD

[ingenting] – Syster Dyster

Watch The Video To Slapp In Solen

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album(s): Labrador
Year: 2004

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