Lavender Diamond – Rise In The Springtime

Becky Stark is going to be a star. It may happen with her band Lavender Diamond but no matter where this girl ends up success will surely follow. She comes from an operatic background and that manifests itself in a voice that harks back to Vashti Bunyan but also heralds a singular talent. Stark’s recorded career began back in 2003 when she released a solo album called ‘Artifacts of the Winged’. It was a sparse affair and highlighted the fragility and clarity of her voice. Since then Stark has got a band together called Lavender Diamond but she remains the transfixing focus. You may know ‘You Broke My Heart‘ already and the string drenched ‘Rise In The Springtime’ is taken from the same EP (‘The Cavalry of Light’). Also included here is ‘Why Oh Why’ from ‘Artifacts Of The Winged’, another tale of the heartbroken that briefly echoes to the memory of Jeff Buckley. Lavender Diamond’s debut album ‘Imagine Our Love’ is due in May through Matador. Expect an affair of the heart. KD

Lavender Diamond – Rise In The Springtime

Becky Stark – Why Oh Why

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Imagine Our Love
Year: 2007

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