Manitoba – Crayon

Before the Canadian authorities deemed otherwise, Dan Snaith thought he had a great name for his electronic endeavours. As the law hunted him down like a grizzly would a plump salmon (due to trademark infringements – easy to mistake territory for a one man laptop connoisseur I guess) he decided it better to rename his artistic endeavours Caribou. While he awaited the animal right campaigners objections Snaith went about recording one of 2005’s best albums ‘The Milk of Human Kindness’. ‘Crayon’ is taken from the previous album ‘Up In Flames’ and has already seen some advert action such is its cartoonish invention. Whether the central twinkle is derived naturally or through a series of ones and zero’s hardly matters because this is the kind of inspiration that the Boy Least Likely To could build a career upon. Something to give triangle wielders of the world the faintest hope of redemption. KD

Manitoba – Crayon

Watch The Video To Yeti

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Up in Flames [US] Up in Flames
Year: 2003

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