Ohbijou – Steep

Ohbijou might not be win any prizes for obvious band name (concentrate and it does reveal itself) but if you can manage the linguistic acrobatics then this bands ‘Swift Feet For Troubling Times’ LP should be your next record store purchase. Casey Mecija is responsible for the ethereal vocals, which manage to sound equal parts adorable urchin and alluring object of desire. Her band are a giant collective from Toronto with each member attending to his or her duties with startling finesse. There are slender brass interludes, cello breaks, flirtations with the glockenspiel and Mecija’s haunting words. Take ‘Steep’ as a gentle introduction, a song to swoon over as it gradually builds to a fragile crescendo. KD

Ohbijou – Steep

Watch The Video That’s Introduces Ohbijou

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Swift Feet For Troubling Times
Year: 2006

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