P:ano – Covered Wagons

Not content with frustrating ‘save as’ targets the world over P:ano also give aimless google searches a perfect headache inducing agenda. As dawn broke I arrived at darkhills.net to a near empty space. Had they broken up, had their site been hijacked, had last years European tour gone horribly wrong, am I temporarily insane? No matter, the architecture in helsinkiness of ‘Covered Wagons’ had enlivened my toil to glean some background information on this curious little band. Actually little might be stretching it as, as with most Canadian groups they like to hang in packs. And what a punch this pack, well er, pack. ‘Covered Wagons’ is taken from their second last release ‘Brigadoon’ and it is a glorious example of chamber pop, whatever that might be. A galaxy of voices accompanies the skidding brass and a seminal parade of noise ensues. It’s all enough to make you sm:le. KD

P:ano – Covered Wagons

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Brigadoon [US] Brigadoon
Year: 2005

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