Pony Club – Spain Is Sunny

This being the not so new old Pony Club from Dublin as led by Mark Cullen (who doubles as a producer in non Pony Club moments). Under various guises including Bawl (their best incarnation) and Fixed Stars this group have tethered on the brink of success on several occasions. And at one point they even got their mitts on big budget backers to push their shiny pop adventures. But there was something missing, a tremendous sense of laissez faire hasn’t served them well even though their material deserves to be outselling the Thrills by about five to one. ‘Spain Is Sunny’ is taken from the group’s second album ‘Family Business’ and is a harmony drenched affair that recalls the High Llamas (or predicts the Bird and the Bee!) and other exponents of the west coast pop ethos. It’s hardly ground breaking but it swirls about like a pleasant summer breeze in April. Pony Club’s third album ‘Post Romantic’ is currently on release. KD

Pony Club – Spain Is Sunny

Watch The Video To I Still Feel The Same

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Year: 2004

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