Dead Meadow – At Her Open Door

Dead Meadow’s promo images certainly flaunt a psychedelic edge so it’s not much of a surprise when their music slouches from the speakers. This will be of serious interest for anyone who believes the Brian Jonestown Massacre are one of America’s lost bands (me too). Take ‘At Her Open Door’ as a generous introduction to the world of Dead Meadow. It appeared on their 2005 album ‘Feathers’ and adopted a two-pronged attack on the senses. Initially the swollen lazy vibes make great background for drifting aimlessly through a daydream, yet it makes an energetic u-turn several minutes in that pulls you back to reality and in the process has you engaged in awkwardly violents thrusts of the head the likes have not been witnessed since you last relented to Joan Jett’s demands for another coin. KD

Dead Meadow – At Her Open Door

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Buy Album: Feathers
Year: 2005

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  1. May 11, 2007

    Thanks for poking my playlist today, loved Feathers back at the time, haven’t listened to it in ages.

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