Gerling – Enter, Space Capsule

After a half-year spent in Sydney I concurred that for a city it’s size it really had an underwhelming indie music output. Strange that as the metropolis gives off equal parts UK/US attitudes. There are glimmers of greatness to be had though, the trio Gerling being one of them. Not only do these madcaps and their seizure inducing website play the indie rock card to perfection but they are also capable of inspired ventures into electronica. They have 3 albums to their name with their debut, the incorrigible ‘Children of Telepathic Experiences’, being the most awe-inspiring. ‘Enter, Space Capsule’ was one of its singles and before too long it will be your favourite song to wake up to. These grown up kids have a penchant for backpacks and I’m sure a casual rummage through their holdalls would reveal all manner of electronic music making device. Nerds, one and all and artists of great worth to boot. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong place, gotta be more where this came from. KD

Gerling – Enter, Space Capsule

Watch The Video To The Deer In You

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Children of Telepathic Experiences [US] Children of Telepathic Experience
Year: 2000

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