Micah P Hinson – Jackeyed

The Late Cord’s ‘Lights From The Wheelhouse’ was one of last years underachieving classics. Micah P. Hanson was one half of the duo, adding his gravely vocals to the affecting atmospherics. 2006 was quite a year for the Texas native as he also released a full length with a huge cast of helpers named the Opera Circuit. ‘Jackeyed’ was the 3rd track and positively flowed with optimism compared to the funeral laments of the Late Cord. The music is rich and drifts along beautifully in tandem with Hinson’s mature voice. Despite his youth Hinson has a life’s worth of pain and anguish to reflect on and those experiences often see the light of day in his uniquely impassioned songs. KD

Micah P Hinson – Jackeyed

Watch The Video To Beneath The Rose

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Year: 2006

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