Normandy – Her Eyes Don't Water

Normandy are a New York based quintet in a search of the perfect indie pop thrill. Their new ‘Time I’ve Wasted’ EP is their first attempt at capturing the holy grail and while they still have a bit to go there is every reason to expect that Normandy will one day be wrestling the initiative from James Mercer and co. Their EP boasts 4 strong tracks with ‘Her Eyes Don’t Water’ and ‘Kentucky Isolation’ (Gabi’s backing vocals add a neat dimension) taking home the laurels for most fulfilling tracks. Normandy have geeky charm in spades which should see them appealing to the Weezer set as well as the aforementioned Shins. But, outside of all the inevitable comparisons you can’t get away from the fact that Vincent Dee’s gang write tunes built for joyous occasions crying out for an upbeat soundtrack. KD

Normandy – Her Eyes Don’t Water

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy The EP: at the Cake Shop
Year: 2007

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