Part Chimp – War Machine

Sometimes it is better burn out than to fade away. Applying this to Part Chimp you could safely say that if they never recorded another note then at least ‘I Am Come’ album was their best shot. At times it may shatter lean glass or induce Godzilla headaches yet the underlying beauty of Part Chimp means that return visits will be worth the price of a cupboard full of paracetamol. ‘War Machine’ is decibel city, it’s the Trail of Dead when they sourced codes and tags like there was no tomorrow. It’ll lose you friends, it’ll have the police at your door, it may even scare your girlfriend but ‘War Machine’ is a bona fida champion of blistering white noise that you won’t be able to evict. Despite what you might think the band come from London and their new album was lacquered by a certain Mogwai guitarist (they are signed to Rock Action Records). Watch those waxy deposits make their excuses and vamoose, listen to the sound of skyscrapers arguing, look up hearing aids on google. KD

Part Chimp – War Machine

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: I Am Come
Year: 2007

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