Sopho Khalvashi – Visionary Dream

Sometimes good music turns up in the last place you’d expect to find it. A couple of weeks ago exhaustion meant that all that we could muster on a Saturday night was the Eurovision song contest. It is dreadful as much for the music as the deepening kitsch virus it has been afflicted with since birth. But for heavy brain cells it is a nonetheless rip roaring vacation. No ‘My Lovely Horse’ this year but the Georgian entry did catch our fancy. Sopho Khalvashi on the night was as sensational as her red attire and her Bjorkisms meant that some alternative musical nodes were titillated briefly. Semi-dance, semi-eastern European textures add up to a fairly enjoyable diversion ““ at least until the tin foil clad Ukrainian entry comes on. KD

Sopho Khalvashi – Visionary Dream

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Year: 2007

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