The Cripple Lilies – Bella Of The Rocks

This is twee pop, pop so fey that if you talk too loud it could scurry away never to be seen again. The Cripple Lilies come from Pensacola and are primarily made up of a boy and girl called Chad Bishop and Elizabeth Lopiccola (that’s a lot of cola). The bands debut ‘La Bete’ has just been released and ‘Bella Of The Rocks’ is one of its fine tracks. The song has a lazy demeanour but the quizzical ear will find much to savour among its delicious fits and starts. Much of the success of the tune is due to the interactive vocals, which repel and attract each other with enigmatic glee. The music is no slouch either, a bass riff bumbles about beautifully in the background, the beats are delivered with immaculate slight of hand and a loved up piano spills its heart out to anyone who’ll listen. Time to let the Cripple Lilies disable your heart. KD

The Cripple Lilies – Bella Of The Rocks

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Year: 2007

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