The Pernice Brothers – There Goes The Sun

The Pernice Brothers might not be a totally accurate name to hoist upon oneself as a lone sibling (Joe Pernice) in a constantly revolving cast of artistic characters but it is based on historical truths (Bob Pernice played with Joe in his previous band the Scud Mountain Boys and periodically since then in the Pernice Brothers). Stick your finger in any of the wholesome piles of music the Pernice Brothers call albums and you’re likely to land upon something sweet and tasty. Just right now my index has just tipped the edge of ‘Discover a Lovelier You’ from 2005 and out slid a flock of sweetly chirping swallows in the shape of ‘There Goes The Sun’. Joe Pernice’s grasp of melody is legendary and pretty much everything he touches turns to audio treasure. If Teenage Fanclub float your boat then here is a dozen more life jackets, just in case. KD

The Pernice Brothers – There Goes The Sun

Watch The Video To Baby In Two

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Buy Album: Discover A Lovelier You
Year: 2005

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