Citizens Here And Abroad – Appearances

‘Appearances’ is classically briefed in the ways of the religion they call indie. Perhaps it has studied in the seminary as Thurston Moore, David Gedge and James Mercer dolled out advise that was too good to forget. The other possibility of course is that its makers Citizens Here and Abroad from San Francisco are clever tacticians in a game that easily falls flat on its face through endless repetition. Citizens Here and Abroad released their second album late last year but ‘Appearances’ is taken from their debut, the intriguingly titled ‘Ghosts of Tables and Chairs’. It boasts what is surely some textbook boy/girl vocal interplay. Chris Groves and Adrienne Robillard swoop and glaze over each other while the tommy gun beats and shoegazeresque crescendo’s create a effervescent backdrop. KD

Citizens Here And Abroad – Appearances

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Buy Album: [UK] Waving Not Drowning [US] Waving, Not Drowning
Year: 2006

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