VietNam – Priest, Poet And The Pig

This takes a while to get going but before you know it there’s a scrambling effort akin to the Kings of Leon going at it hammer and tongs in progress. And they’ve got some fairly impressive beards to show off too which must make for some very sweaty chins when they hit full throttle on stage. To its credit ‘Priest, Poet And The Pig’ hardly flags for the duration, but stops just short from being an instant classic due to the lack of a truly memorable chorus. But these are VietNam’s early days so there is bound to be a few minor casualties before they become a force to be reckoned with. VietNam’s self-titled debut was released on Kemado Records in January and should appeal to anyone with a weakness for rock centric blues that secretly hanker for a time when ZZ Top pulled all the girls. Give them all your lovin’. KD

VietNam – Priest, Poet And The Pig

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Year: 2007

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