Orbital – Funny Break (One is Enough)

I will always link Orbital, Underworld and to a lesser extent the Chemical Brothers together as my introduction to electronica. To a smug indie git dance music always seemed like such a superficial pleasure but by pulling back the covers it revealed itself to be multi-faceted and more diverse than anything the guitar brigade could offer. So for a time in the 1990’s I almost ditched ye olde indie for the sugar beats. Orbital in particular were capable of alluring records, even if the joy was hard won you always knew it was worth persisting with. Of course they could also turn out an immediate number that was capable of holding its own over repeated listens. ‘Funny Break (One is Enough)’ is one such beauty. Appearing as late as 2001 it swings with machine like precision with the female vocals expertly navigating the bump and grinds. I once saw the Hartnoll Brothers performing on a stage, I cried. KD

Orbital – Funny Break (One is Enough)

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Buy Album: [UK] Snivilisation [US] Snivilisation
Year: 2001

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