Pete Wylie – Sinful

Growing up in the musical wasteland of the 1980’s didn’t feel half bad at the time because if you took a good peek into its more obscure corners there was quite a mine of essential tracks. For a time ‘Icing On The Cake’, ‘True Faith’, ‘Brilliant Mind’, ‘Running Up That Hill’ and this song were my top 5 and given what was on offer it doesn’t stack up too badly even now. ‘Sinful’ remains absolutely thrilling, a song so ebullient it should have become a party staple. Wylie is Liverpool born and bred and has intermittently led his band the mighty Wah! (much feted by John Peel) through brushes with death, the charts, the Champions League Final and more recently a well received appearance at SXSW. The fact that he has recently had to set up his own label Pete Sounds to market his records is both sinful and erm, downright tragic. KD

Pete Wylie – Sinful

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Buy Album: [UK] Sinful [US] Mighty Wah
Year: 1987

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  1. Anonymous
    August 24, 2009

    Love this song and glad I finally found it. I was digging through some old tapes and came across this song I had recorded from a club in Houston, TX back around 1987 or so. Never knew who sang it until now – just always listended to it. Thanks!

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