Beat The Devil – Shine In Exile

A new voice emerges from New York City and the world stands back agog at its unique gravity. The sound belongs to Shilpa Ray and even though her band Beat The Devil employs no lead guitars (in a sassy kick to the groin to those who thought Keane had cornered that particular market) they ensure that a couple of minutes in their company will leave you in a smiling dishevelled heap. And anyway who needs those chords when Ray can produce a harmonium, a curiously awkward looking instrument with a set of lungs as terrifyingly awe inspiring as her own. ‘Shine In Exile’ won’t grab your intention, instead it’ll reach inside the pit of your stomach and wrench those flutterbye’s into a possessed form of dance. Beat the Devil’s self-titled EP was released late last year with their debut LP on the way soon. Evil has never sounded so exhilarating. KD

Beat The Devil – Shine In Exile

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Year: 2007

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