Patrick Watson – Giver

Patrick Watson, the man and the band are coming to the Sugar Club, Dublin in September. Could be something of an event if the 2 tracks I’ve heard from his new (or old if you live in Canada/Iceland where it was released last Autumn) album are anything to go by. ‘Luscious Life’ is fab but is so eerily reminiscent of what Jeff Buckley would have produced in his prime that I have plumped for the equally effervescent, yet utterly unique ‘Giver’. This song really has it all, the sweet jangling chords, Watson’s remarkable vocals and an off-kilter momentum that will ensure its longevity. Oh, I know I’m prone to declaring genius at the drop of a hat but Patrick Watson really are/is something special. ‘Close To Paradise’ is the quartet’s sophomore album and it is available directly from the rapidly emerging Secret City Records label. This is a strong candidate for song of the year. KD

Patrick Watson – Giver

Watch The Video To Luscious Life

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Buy Album: Close To Paradise
Year: 2007

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  1. Anonymous
    August 13, 2007

    just saw him play here in oslo…it was incredible. one of the best shows ive ever seen..and ive seen alot. T

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