Starky – Hey Bang Bang

Is this how it ends? Looks like it was over before the fuse was lit for Sydney’s great hopes Starky. This despite their arrival at a major label and the release of their faultless double A-side late last year. While Dappled Cities may be capable of taking up the slack it does seem disappointing that a band that is capable of delivering effervescent wonders like ‘Hey Bang Bang’ should disintegrate. The song is drenched in melody, overflowing with jangling riffs and possessed of a voice that could woo both the indie and mainstream audiences. Starky began in 1998 and had released one album ‘Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre’ prior to being snapped up by Universal. The union was short-lived however even if it produced this inspirational flash of brilliance. KD

Starky – Hey Bang Bang

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Buy Album: [UK] Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre [Australian Import] [US] Starky
Year: 2006

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