Teitur – Dont Want You To Wake Up

Another boy with his guitar you groan. But, this time something is different. Something sparkles in those shy eyes and a feeling permeates from his music that suggests the arrival of a singular talent. ‘Stay Under The Stars’ (Teitur Lassen 2nd long player) is evidence enough that the album will never die, a slow ramble of acoustic melodrama that is impossible to resist. Teitur is from the Faroe Islands, a bleak archipelago in the North Atlantic and it’s not difficult to see how his upbringing could have given him the wherewithal to create such melancholy ditties. The album’s opener ‘Don’t Want You To Wake Up’ is particularly devastating and is suitably laden with partially hidden delights. It’d be a shame if you didn’t own this album. Teitur’s most recent work is a Faroese language album called ‘Kata Hornid’ which is available here. KD

Teitur – Dont Want You To Wake Up

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Year: 2006

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