The Dodos – Trades and Tariffs

Meric and Logan decided that a change of name was required. So they made Dodo Bird disappear and opted instead for the zanier but not entirely different the Dodos. Together the San Francisco lads push a sound you wouldn’t expect from such few numbers, it’s a full listen thanks in the main to Meric Long’s impressive list of instruments. For his part Logan Kroeber lays down some impressive beats like on ‘Trades and Tariffs’ where his heavy thumping is a creative sparring partner to the acoustic drama that surrounds it. The song is a good illustration of the experimental ethos within the band. Take a song that has pretty indie pop at its heart and wrap it in the idiosyncrasies of a studio crammed full of a collective of animals and you’ll be both scratching your head and tapping your toes at the wonder of it all. Quality like this is not extinct, just very rare. KD

The Dodos – Trades and Tariffs

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Buy Album: Beware of the Maniacs
Year: 2006

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